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The space you have between your teeth has a name: diastema. Diastema

Diastema dental

Dental diastemas are very common, especially among children. They are a typical part of childhood and usually correct themselves. In fact, 97% of children have diastemas, this percentage progressively decreases as you enter adolescence. If the diastema remains into adulthood, then the diastema becomes permanent and can only be closed by orthodontics.

Causes of diastema

There are many reasons why diastemas form. They normally appear because of a discrepancy between the size of the jaw and the size of the teeth. In the same way that a lack of space causes dental crowding, diastemas appear when there is too much space. These gaps can also be caused by the loss of teeth.

Where a diastema occurs in the middle, i.e. between the two front teeth, this can be caused by too large labial frenum. The frenum is the tissue that connects the lip to the gum. When this tissue is too pronounced it may cause a diastema between the teeth.

Closing the diastema

Diastemas cause no complications with regards to dental health, but many people want to close it for aesthetic reasons .These are the options to close the space:

  • Ortodontics: today we have many ortodontic techniques to close diastemas. Both tradional brackets, such as ceramic brackets, lingual brackets , or Invisalign are all good options.
  • Esthetic dentistry: if the only dental problem is the diastema, then dental veneers can be placed.
  • Replace the tooth: if the diastema is caused by tooth loss, then a dental implant or bridge can be placed to close the gap.
  • Dental surgery: in the event that it is caused by an excessive frenum, you may need dental surgery before undergoing an orthodontic treatment.


If you want to close the diastema in your teeth, come to Clinic Sunil Daswani and we will help you choose the best option for your case.