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Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming and, with the nougat, also comes a time where we need to pay special care and attention to our teeth. During these days we have numerous dinners with family and friends and its normal that we overindulge a little with the food. These are dangerous times for our diet but even more if we want to keep our teeth white and healthy.

The majority of cavities and dental problems caused by excessive consumption of sugar and poor cleaning occur during in these dates. Christmas is synonymous with celebration, family meetings, meals, friends…in short; this is a time of happiness and celebration. But also this is a time of excesses and changes in your usual routine, and this can have an impact on the health of our teeth, if you are not aware of them. In these dates we must take special care to maintain healthy teeth. The most common food for these dates is nougat, mince pies and candies that contain numerous amounts of sugar that will rot our teeth.

Dr. Sunil Daswani reveals the key to enjoying Christmas while we care for our teeth with a few simple tips. Do not forget that our mouth and teeth are essential to maintain good general health, as well as good aesthetics. Take note of these simple tips and you'll be gifting health and beauty for Christmas:

1. Careful with nougat and typical Christmas sweets. It is advisable to eat hard nougat since its main ingredient is almond, with honey, egg white and a low percentage of sugar. For this reason, hard nougat is better than the soft or the chocolate one, which contains much more sugar. If you can´t resist the temptation, then choose dark chocolate, 70 %. It has antioxidant and cardio protective properties and because it contains more cocoa it has less sugar.

2. Christmas, excess sugar: The sweetest sweets could fracture teeth, as well as destroy the fillings and damage any orthodontic work. The sticky sweets and the soft chewy sweets can create many problems with gum inflammation in children and adults who have orthodontic braces.

3. Take care with alcohol and carbonated beverages: you have to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages, as they are not only harmful to our teeth, but also excessive consumption is not recommended for our health in general. For Xmas toast the ideal Christmas drink is red wine before drinks like white wine or champagne. The red wine causes less damage to the enamel of the tooth and to the tooth root. With regards to soft drinks, they should be consumed in moderation.

4. Ta ke care with the drinks that contain sugar: Consuming sugary drinks in excess can be very aggressive for our teeth, severely damaging the enamel. But keep in mind the “light” products or without sugar, as it is possible that they may contain fructose, glucose and other sugars, which are harmful to the teeth.

5. Olive oil, our ally: Apart from containing numerous beneficial properties for our health, is also an ally for our teeth, as it leaves an invisible film on them by protecting them from decay and dental wear. So why not start your dinner with a good salad with olive oil.

6. AND then, lastly, carry your toothbrush wherever you go: the meals and celebrations outside the home make the recommended routine of brushing three times a day almost impossible. Be careful with this, it is important to carry your toothbrush with you so you can perform this important routine after meals, it is a simple habit that can avoid many problems later on.If this is not possible, try chewing sugarless gum after meals, as it stimulates the production of saliva and cleans the surfaces of the teeth. Saliva is a great ally of our teeth; it protects them by neutralizing the pH acid produced by the bacteria and the acidity of the food.


Without further ado we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.