Nowadays, more and more patients are visiting Clinic Sunil Daswani searching for aethestic dental treatments to achieve the smile they have always dreamt of. When our teeth are not the right shape, or mispositioned or right colour, our own personal perceptions are not welcomed and this influences our own confidence as we smile nervously, or even in some cases cover our mouths with our hands.

The most widely known advances in Odontology have been in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry. Latest technological advances have made it posible to see the results of aesthetic treatments before undergoing them. This well known technique is known as Digital Smile Design (DSD). This tool, was developed in 2007 by the famous odontologist , Christian Coachmann, it is based on the planning and preview of aesthetic dental treatments. That is to say, thanks to this design, not only can the dentist but also the patient can visualize the final resulting treatment, ensuring better communication and satisfaction by the patient.

This new technique is based on the analysis of dental and facial proportions carried out by means of videos and photos , ensuring a perfect harmony in all elements (teeth, gums and lips). In this way the ideal smile can be achieved.

What are the advantages of this method?

As it is a digital design, the patient can intervene in the process, giving his or hers opinion therefore ensuring the maximum customer satisfaction possible. In this way, they can specify the shape and colour of their future teeth. Both the Specialist and the patient can see what the final results will be without undergoing any dental procedures.

Digital Smile Design gives patients more confidence and greater security, not only because they can preview the treatment but also because they can personalize the treatment. This innovative technique allows us to isolate the areas that need improving and allows us to offer a more immediate aesthtetic solution.

What does Digital Smile Design entail?

Firstly, Dr. Sunil Daswani will take photos and digital videos, focusing on the specific treatment areas.

These images will then be inputted in the software program and the design parameters can be adopted to create your perfect smile. In this phase the patient can also participate, because the tecnology used allows all types of modifications to be made on the treated image.

And finally, after designing your smile with the 3D tecnology of Digital Smile Design, Dr. Sunil Daswani will begin the process of  making the dental veneers.

Without a doubt, with digital smile design technology, we have gained in efficiency and precision in all dental aesthtetic treatments.

Now you have the opportunity to design the smile you have always dreamt of and convert it into a reality.