Lithium disilicate is a highly resistant material, created through a glass nucleation and crystallizacion process. It´s a very versatile process , which permits high strength restorations out of very resilient materials. The discilcate allows us to obtain more natural looking esthtetics which last much longer . Besides, it is very resistant , not prone to fractures , and very durable.


1º Smile Design

We always recommend doing a Smile Design. Smile design is a result of a multidisciplinary study of a patient´s health record, personal interview, dental consultation, photos, x-rays. and dental impressions.

2º Dental impressions, Photos & Choosing the right shade of colour

In the second visit, impressions are taken, photos and the colour chosen. With all this, we can fabricate a model and mock-up design. The fabricated model allows the patient to visulaize his or hers new smile before their final veneers are fitted.

3º Fitting the Mock-Up

The mock-up is made up of acyrilic temporaries and allows the patient to see exactly how his definite veneers will be. They are placed on top of his own teeth provisionally. Once placed, modifications can be made with regards to occlusion, functionality and esthetics. Once the patient has confirmed the necessary changes on the mock-up then their custom-made veneers are made.

4º Fitting of the veneers

In only one appointment all the veneers are placed.

In Clinic Sunil Daswani we care about your comfort and wellbeing, so we ensure we look after not only your mouth but also help you achieve that perfect smile.