At Sunil Daswani Dental Clinic we want to make sure we give the highest quality of service and professional effectiveness to our patients. So we are always at the forefront of the latest advances in dentistry. On this occasion we have incorporated the Intraoral Scanner into our equipment. With our 3 Shape Trios intraoral scanner we optimize your visit to the dental cabinet with real digital images. Our investment in digital dentistry is remarkable. We move away from the old silicone molds or alginates, with the purpose of revolutionizing the future of dentistry.

The applications of our intraoral scanner are many. Thanks to the scanning of your mouth, we get high-precision digital prints in real time. This allows us to optimize prosthetic, implantological and orthodontic procedures at all levels. With this cutting-edge technology we can say goodbye to mistakes in conventional procedures.

With our 3 Shape Trios intraoral scanner we offer you a much more comfortable, faster, more accurate, more predictable, and error-free dental treatment.


I’m sure you remember those silicone molds that are made in dental clinics. Manual molds are used to plan treatments for dentures,  orthodontics,  dental implants   or maxillofacial surgery  among others,  and tailor-made night guards.  In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, human errors in mold taking often cause them to need to be repeated several times.

With the intraoral scanner of our dental clinic,these silicone models no longer make sense. Through innovative technology we can obtain digital, full-color and 3D prints of each patient’s dentures. All this in a few seconds and without you feeling any discomfort.  The best thing is that the images are so accurate and predictable that they become the perfect solution for designing custom dental treatments.

At the Sunil Daswani Dental Clinic we bet on your comfort and your peace of mind. Through this digital technology we guarantee you much safer, more effective and successful treatments. The time savings in the planning and development of the procedure is remarkable.

We offer you a highly qualified medical team prepared to use the new technologies applied to dentistry. We are in constant training, with the aim of implementing each new technique and the most leading technological advances in the sector. We are a technological dental clinic, concerned about the well-being of our patients and their oral health.


Having an intraoral scanner as advanced as the 3 Shape Trios is a huge advantage. It allows us to save time on dental treatments, improve the predictability of the entire procedure, perform the intervention accurately and ensure a quality experience in the dental clinic.

  • Quality experience: in a few minutes we will have all the scanned images of your mouth, including the smallest details. By avoiding manual printing molds, comfort becomes one of the greatest advantages of this technology.
  • Proven speed: the moment we have made the intraoral scanner the images are downloaded in real time in our software. These are then sent directly to the laboratory, so that the manufacture of the necessary prostheses or Invisalign aligners, among others, is not delayed.
  • Absolute accuracy: the chances of error become virtually zero with this dental technology. A huge advantage is that with the 3D images of your mouth we can plan in detail all the oral treatment. Connecting intraoral scanner prints with CAD-CAM technology is one of the great benefits of digital dentistry. The result is a predictable, safe, fast, painless and quality procedure.
  • 3D printing: the images provided by our 3 Shape Trios intraoral scanner are in 3 dimensions. Thanks to this, we can visually show you your treatment plan.