One more year, and again it´s Christmas, how time flies. We love Christmas.

Those special days to spend with family, friends and patients who form part of our big family.

From Clínica Sunil Daswani, and from the whole dental team, we would like to thank you for the confidence you have placed in us.

we wish you a year full of smiles

merry christmas!


These Christmas reunions normally include tables full of delicious food, and even though we enjoy it, Clinic Sunil Daswani recommends caution with regards to our diet, overindulging and dental hygiene habits must be considered if we want to maintain our oral health.

Tips to maintain our dental health this Xmas

Recommendations in order to care for our teeth these holidays

1.Take care with the turron, always opt for the hard one (and if it´s without sugar even better) rather than the soft or chocolate which has higher levels of sugar content. If you can´t resist the chocolate temptation , then the best option is the 70% or more cocoa option.

2.Hard sweets can damage the enamel, and remove fillings or cause alterations in ortodontic treatments, and sticky sweets can cause gum inflamation and cavities. Limit consumption of these and eat with caution and slowly to avoid these undesirable consequences.

3.Alcohol and fizzy drinks cause enamel erosión. Limit all consumption of these and substitute with sugarless drinks or choose red wine to taost with, however, that could also cause teeth staining.

4.Meals and family dinners with friends or workmates can lead to excess food and alcohol ,difficult digestions and heartburn. This in turn could cause bad haliotosis or bad breath. Drink lots of wáter and moderate your food intake in social events.

5.Choose white meats , fish, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, fruit and dairy products in your menus, their your best allies in looking after your teeth.

6.Your toothbrush is your allí. This month is a month with lots of social engagements, dinners, meeting up with friends, work dinners, family dinners… when they take place outside your house it´s advisable to carry your toothbrush with you so you can eliminate bacteria and prevent theaccumulation of tartar and plaque. A correct daily dental hygiene is essential in order to maintain a healthy oral hygiene this Christmas

These dates are perfect for a dental cleaning with your dentist and wear a pewrfect smile with an aesthetic whitening treatment. In 45 minutes you can achieve a Hollywood smile which will light up the festivities.

Take our advice and protect your oral hygiene this Christmas. There´s no better present then your smile!