Painless dental anesthetic is now a reality with the computerized The Wand STA system. It is a computer assisted system for administering local anaesthesia. It controls the flow rate and pressure of the anesthesis during the injection. Therefore increased precisión and visability, reducing the risk of complications which may arise with the use of anaesthesia.

Clinic Sunil Daswani is a pioneer in the use of the anesthesia The Wand. This means that your dental experience will be stress free and painless.

This system was developed in response to the need to end the fear of going to the dentist, commonly known as odontophobia. A lot of our patients have confessed to suffering anxiety when faced with dental injections or with even the simple idea of visting the dentist and sometimes they end up cancelling their treatments or backing out of them simply out of fear.

It is a means of administering local anaesthetic regulated by a computer controlling the flow rate of the liquid anesthetic , therefore making the patient feel more at ease. With the traditional technique (classic dental syringe) the flow rate is not constant and depends on the user, which can sometimes result in pain in the gums. With this new system, the use of pre-anesthtic sprays and gels is no longer required as before treatment drops of liquid anaesthesia are administered in the área.

We minimize the patient´s stress as the hand piece does not resemble a syringe and the patient does not see a machine as a threat and so is more at ease. With this instrument, our clinic is nearer to achieving its goal of a “pain free clinic”.

Painless anesthesia: The Wand System