We have entered 2022 and it seems that the pandemic does not let us breathe. All sectors related to health, have the same concern, end the coronavirus, or help as much as possible to stop the infections.


What we dentists are clear about is that there are factors of our oral health, which directly influence our body, and regarding the coronavirus, it has been discovered that periodontitis has a direct relationship with mortality, let us explain it to you.


According to the study carried out by the Journal of Clinical Periodontology,“patients with periodontitis are almost 9 times more likely to die from Covid, 4 times more likely to need ventilation and about 3.5 times more likely to be admitted to the ICU.


Periodontitis influences the onset of other diseases.


It is not the first time we talk about periodontitis, and how this ailment influences the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or Alzheimer’s. This relationship is caused by the entry of bacteria into the blood, caused by periodontitis.


In the same way it happens with Covid-19. Periodontitis is a “systemic inflammation”, which occurs raising the same molecular indicators that have been seen to the inflammatory part of Covid infection, and “the effects add up”.


The best remedy, prevention


For this reason, at Sunil Daswani Clinic we insist on the correct prevention of periodontitis, and in case you suffer from it we recommend going to the dentist to perform the relevant treatment and thus avoid a greater exposure to Covid-19.


As a personal home remedy, it is essential to carry out a correct and regular oral hygiene, in this way we avoid the accumulation of plaque, responsible for the infection of the gums.


We hope that this information has helped you, and we remind you that at Sunil Daswani Clinic we are at your disposal, for any questions.