Anesthesia without pain

Most first time patients can experience anxiety and nerves when it comes to visiting the dentist, this could be due to personal previous bad experiences or experiences of family and friends.

In Clinic Sunil Daswani these anxieties gradually disappear after various sessions with this safe and painless technology.

Clinic Sunil Daswani, is a specialized centre in digital dentistry, we strive for a painless dental experience thanks to modern technical practices and the most advanced technology. With computerized digital anesthesia, patients can experience dentistry without pain, stress, anxiety or fear.

The computerized digital anesthesia is available in Clinic Sunil Daswani, and is what really speaks out to our patients.

What does it consist of?

It consists of the digital controlled administration of local anesthesia with the use of a disposable piece in the form of a pencil which is digitally pressure controlled by computer. The computer allows us to control the speed and duration of the infiltration as well as the pressure on soft tissue and gums, in such a way that it switches off automatically in case of excessive resistance therefore avoiding any unnecessary pain for the patient.

The benefits of digital anesthesia are clear

  1. It eliminates the pain caused by the infiltration of liquid anesthetic in the soft tissue, as it is administered drop by drop and for a few minutes rather than normal anesthesia which lasts seconds.
  2. Reduces the feeling of “fear of dentist” eliminating completely the anxiety and fear caused by anesthetic injections.
  3. No conventional syringes’ which makes the patient uncomfortable.
  4. Eliminates the numbness effect, by allowing the dentist to administer the anesthesia in one tooth in order to do fillings, reconstructions, root canal treatments.. Whereas with the traditional method the whole upper or lower jaw could be numbed for these same treatments.
  5. Allows better control of the amount of anesthesia required, which means it is much safer and more comfortable for the patient and can reach all corners of the mouth. With traditional anesthetic treatments the dentist has to bend his wrist and administer the syringe at the same time so it requires prefect pulse control in order to avoid displacement of the needle as it penetrates the tissue. This situation ceases to exist with the Digital anesthesia at Clinic Sunil Daswani. As the flow is controlled, the pressure of the infiltration avoids pain and post swelling of the gums.