Composite Veneers

At present, there are lots of patients who want to improve their smile. That is why composite dental veneers are very widely used in the dental clinics as one can replace just the edge of a fractured tooth, increase tooth size, close gaps and change the shape of the teeth and improve your smile.

Composite dental veneers are highly esthetic dental treatments which improve the aspect of our teeth with respect to both their color and shape. It is a minimal invasive treatment which involves adding successive layers of composite to the tooth surface with excellent results.

Composite veneers are a less invasive treatment in comparison with other veneer treatments as there is no need to grind down teeth – it only involves dental contouring and that can be done without wearing down the tooth. It can be carried out in one session and with a small amount of anesthesia. The main advantage is that if it breaks they can easily be repaired in clinic.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Composite veneers possess the following features:

  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • In the presence of ultraviolet lights they have the same aspect as natural teeth.
  • Aseththetic , varying in color, shape and position.
  • Made with biocompatible materials .
  • Optimum tolerance with surrounding tissues.
  • Durable treatment because of their resistance to wear and tear, average life span of 5-10 years.
  • It is not an aggressive treatment.
  • It is easy to manipulate, and so can be done in one session..
  • Much cheaper treatment then other dental veneers.

It also has it´s disadvantages:

  • As time passes they do tend to lose their shine and can darken, that is why they do need maintaining, as they are porous the original quality does fade over time.
  • They lose their shine. If they are not in constant contact with saliva they can appear darker.
  • In order to avoid these disadvantages, periodic revisions and annual cleanings should be scheduled