Dental whitening

As time passes our teeth loose their natural colour and start to darken. Doing a whitening treatment allows us to lighten the shade of colour of our teeth to achieve a whiter and more attractive smile.

Is dental whitening an aggressive type of treatment?

No, the method employed by Clinic Sunil Daswani uses special peroxide that gives off oxygen and is activated by light. The oxygen particles break down the stains without wearing down your teeth or enamel.

Dental whitening

How long does the effect last?

Our teeth are continuously exposed to staining elements such as wine, tea and coffee etc. The final results and precise durability of the whiteness depends to a large extent upon the amount of exposure you put your teeth through. Our team recommend that once you have achieved the desired colour, annual touch ups treatments should be carried out to help you maintain your sparkling teeth.

The dental whitening system ZOOM!

Dental whitening

The dental whitening system Zoom is the most scientifically advanced dental treatment that exists today. It is safe, effective and very quick. Just with one appointment you can have amazing spectacular whitened teeth. The Whitening System Zoom is for those people who are looking for immediate results.