To offer our patients a 100% digital dentistry we have an intraoral scanner. It is a device that allows us to obtain an exact copy through 3D frames of the dental arches, and it has become an indispensable tool in our clinic. This type of tool is revolutionizing the dental sector allowing us to obtain very precise digital moulds of the mouth in a few minutes and avoiding the use of impression trays.

These developments allow us to digitally perform all our restorative treatments (dental veneers, crowns onto of natural teeth, crowns on implants, overdentures, immediate provisional teeth on implants, removable prostheses and inlays), surgical splints for the placement of implants, discharge splints for patients with bruxism and digital orthodontic treatments.

By having this technology, we can considerably reduce the delivery times of prosthetic works, achieving optimal results in functionality, aesthetics and well-being for the patient.

The scanning process is easy:

Intraoral Scaner 3 shape TRIOSThe bottom of the arch is digitized where the patient will only feel a slight beep that indicates that it is being scanned.

Intraoral Scaner 3 shape TRIOSThe top of the arch is digitized.

Intraoral Scaner 3 shape TRIOSOcclusion (the way the patient bites) is digitized.