Dr. Sunil Daswani is the only professional in Lumineers 2 with international accreditation in the Canary Islands. The most widely used veneers, by the stars of Hollywood, TV presenters and models, the Ferrari of aesthetic dentistry and only placed by the best dentists in the world. Lumineers are very thin ceramic veneers, like a contact lens (0.3mm) which is placed on top of your own tooth with very little or no need for tooth reduction and remaining imperceptible.

Did you know that a beautiful smile is your best cover letter?

In the last ten years there has been a growing interest in aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry.

We all know that a healthy, shiny and esthetically pleasing smile, inspires confidence and increases our self-esteem but should we sacrifice healthy tooth structure to achieve this? The answer is definitely NO.

One can never regenerate dental structure, and for this reason all our cosmetic dentistry is based on principles of non- invasive dentistry, that is the integrity of the tooth structure is maintained.

  1. The tooth remains intact. Only requires two visits to the dentist.
  2. No anestesia, or injections.

Non-invasive and highly cosmetic treatment.

Custom-made to transform your smile

  • Brighten stained and discoloured teeth permanently.
  • Restores chipped teeth
  • Aligns crooked teeth
  • Reshapes small or misshapen teeth
  • Eliminates spacing and gaps.
  • Renews old dental work ..crowns and bridges

You could flaunt White teeth and a perfect smile!

Using this highly advanced technique, Lumineers can be applied in just two or three visits without injections, without grinding down the structure of the tooth.

Made from Cerinate, a patented porcelain, it has been proven clinically that Lumineers can last for more than 20 years.

Without injections, without grinding down, without causing sensitivity

LUMINEERS are minimally non-invasive

Some common answers to questions

Is there any discomfort?

No, because Lumineers needs hardly any preparation work to be done and there is no need to grind down teeth.

How long does it take to achieve a perfect smile?

If you are looking for the perfect solution esthetically speaking, then time should not be a condition. Bear in mind that some patients may need prior treatments. If the conditions are perfect, then applying Lumineers will only require two or three visits.

How do I know if Lumineers are right for me?

We examine each case and we explain to you how you can improve your smile with LUMINEERS. Consult us today.

Is there a minimum age for LUMINEERS?

You can achieve a dazzling LUMINEERS smile at whatever age.

How long Will they last?

Clinical studies have shown that LUMINEERS have  100% retention and do not show signs of discoloration for 20 years.

With the new Lumineers we can improve your smile painlessly

More and more patients come to our clinic looking for aesthetic solutions to improve both the colour and position of their teeth

In the field of dental aesthetics one of the most well-known advances are Lumineers. This method allows us to change the smile of a patient in a relatively short time, without anesthesia, without grinding down teeth and without temporaries. These veneers are so thin (like a contact lens) that they adapt so easily to our teeth. They are made from a very resistant material and can help create a perfect white smile.

Lumineers Without anesthesia, without grinding down and without temporaries.

Lumineers were first developed in North America (California) where there was an obvious demand for dental aesthetics.