Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a new restorative solution for front teeth with regards to functionality and aesthetic. The strength of the porcelain, and the ideal surface characteristics and resistance is obtained because of the adhesiveness or bonding that can be achieved.

Also the natural aspect of the porcelain makes this an excellent restorative option.

Making things look as natural as possible has always been an objective  

Bio mimetics is the imitation of the elements of nature as a source of inspiration. Nature is millions of years more advanced, that´s why it is more beneficial to copy it rather than compete with it.

Thanks to modern bonding techniques and new ceramic materials, we now have the resources to restore not only the structure but also the aesthetics of our teeth.

Why dental veneers without metal?

The restorations carried out with ceramic with no metal element, allow light to pass through them the same way as natural teeth.


  1. Highly aesthtic with a natural appearance
  2. Durable quality
  3. Variation in colours
  4. Biocompatible with our bodies

Lithium disilicate glass ceramic veneers

This is a ceramic material that combines strength and aesthetics like no other restorative material. It allows us to do small restorations from inlays to partial reconstructions by way of onlays and to do full reconstructions with complete crowns.


It allows us to restore missing enamel or damaged caries without having to touch the healthy part of the tooth. Dental veneers avoid the use of metals and therefore the allergic risks involved. It allows us to replace old amalgam fillings with a biocompatible material which maintains the natural tooth structure.