Vitamin C is a trend in the beauty industry that  gains followers every day, thanks to its versatility, rapid absorption and visible effects. In fact, using serums and treatments with a relevant concentration of this vitamin ensures the following benefits:

More collagen. One of the most powerful results of vitamin C is that it stimulates collagen production – responsible for skin flexibility – which results in a smoother and smoother complexion, with fewer fine lines.

Antioxidant and depigmenting effect..  Vitamin C acts as a protective agent against aging caused by free radicals. In addition, it is able to inhibit the generation of melanin in the body, avoiding the appearance of spots and unifying skin tone.

Anti-pollution and UV protection. Vitamin C-containing cosmetics    help limit the harmful effect of UV rays and pollution, which accelerate aging and wrinkles. It should always be used accompanied by the necessary sun protection according to the skin type.
Lots of luminosity. The accumulation of dead cells is what produces dull, lifeless skin. Vitamin C stimulates natural exfoliation, returning shine and light to the face.

Reduces inflammation and acne. Some myths label ascorbic acid and its derivatives as an irritant, but the truth is that its proper use can soothe redness and inhibit the inflammatory response of skins with rosacea or acne. In high doses, this ingredient – also antibacterial – can help balance sebum production with the advantage of its action.

Due to the popularity of its effects and benefits, the supply of vitamin C  products is getting wider. Many experts believe that our skin should have vitamin C for breakfast every morning, followed by use of a sunscreen.