Our change in habits in the summer, especially the holiday period can cause more cavities and dental erosion.

The increase in consumption of sugary drinks, changes in food habits and a general neglect in brushing are the main causes.

Another risk for dental health is to remain too many hours in contact with the chlorine in swimming pools which erodes the tooth enamel.

Summer is the season more conducive for neglecting dental health because of changes in diet, increased consumption of sugary drinks and ice cream.

The “terrible” effect summer has on our teethIt´s the arrival of summer, that usually leads to a change in diet, with a higher intake of carbohydrates, sweets and sugary drinks.

A recent study shows that the higher the intake of carbohydrates the higher the risks of tooth decay in children

The results revealed that the imbalance in nutrition is directly associated with an increased consumption of sugars leading to a higher risk in dental caries.

Another study by the University of Valencia published in March in the European Journal of Pediatric Dentistry establishes a correlation between a frequent consumption of sugary drinks and the increase in early tooth decay.

Tooth decay is the most common oral disease among Spaniards. Between 92 and 94 percent of the adult population suffers from this, according to the last survey of Oral Health by the Spanish Dental Council.

The “terrible” effect summer has on our teethIn the case of children, it affects 36% of children aged between 5 and 6 years; 45% of 12 year olds; and more than half (54 %) of 15-year-olds.

To avoid the risk of caries it is recommended that you brush your teeth after each meal, use fluoride rinses and dental floss.

“We need to accustom ourselves to always carry our toothbrush with us. In summer, it is just as important as sunscreen. But in case we forget our tooth brush at home and we cannot resist the temptation to eat something sweet in between meals then the least we should do is rinse our mouth in order to limit the appearance of bacterial plaque. .”

The caries are caused by an attack of acids to the teeth. They often appear in the enamel, but can extend to the inner layer of the tooth.

According to several studies, soft drinks also damage tooth enamel, although it is the prolonged exposure to chlorine in swimming pools which causes more dental erosion.

There are many myths associated with chlorine in swimming pools. There are those who believe that it improves dental bleaching, but what it does in reality is to erode the enamel, especially if your teeth spend so many hours in contact with the chlorine.

A research published in the Journal of Dentistry for Children indicated that 28% of children are suffering from dental erosion.

 Amongst professional swimmers pool erosion reached 60 %. Consumption of carbonated soft drinks was the second highest in dental erosion: 40%, followed by orange juice, with 32%.

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Among the factors that increase the risk of dental erosion caused by chlorine in swimming pools, what influences it most is the length of time of each individual swimming session, the duration and frequency of the workouts, the quality of the pool water and the type of substance used to chlorinate.

It has been observed that 3% of non-swimmers suffer from dental erosion, compared to 12% for swimmers and 39% for professional swimmers who compete on a regular basis.