When it comes to deciding whether to have a root canal treatment many people have their doubts, because they feel the treatment is unnecessary if the tooth is not hurting.

Quite frecuently, after one or various pain episodes , this pain subsides. This normally does not mean there is an improvement in the state of the tooth, quite the contrary.

The disappearance of the discomfort in these cases is often due to nerve atrophy, which causes the tooth sensitivity to disappear, creating a false sense of improvement.

At this point the risk is, even more for our oral health , because we have a necrotic(dead) tissue, and like all dead tissues in our body this could cause infection. That is why one should never rely when the pain goes away, it is always better to have the tooth checked out by a dental professional.

In Clinic Sunil Daswani, we can verify the vitality of a tooth by carrying out a few simple techniques which will tell us whether it is necessary to do a root canal treatment or not.

On other ocasions , when there is a deep filling, whose development is much slower, this can cause a pulpitis (inflamation of the dental pulp) and a necrosis so progressive that can go unnoticed. In this case, we are only conscious of the damage that our tooth is suffering because of the inflamation in the area , which can pursue with or without pain.

It is advisable not to wait till this occurs, because as soon as an infection begins in a tooth, the surrouding bone will be affected, putting in danger the tooth support.If the infection spreads to the dental root, it will begin to eat up the surrounding bone, and the recovery process of that tooth will be much slower, and more tan likely the patient would have to take antibiotics to freeze the process so that the odontological procedure can be carried out afterwards. Even so, the lost bone will take time to recover.

Hence, we should never forget about a tooth just because it does not hurt, nor stop going for our check-ups, because in spite of being “silent” – no symptoms, our oral health is deteriorating without us even realizing it.