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Our history goes back to 1994, when we opened Clinica Sunil Daswani, a dental clinic with a range of specialties, where the purpose was to provide a high quality service. Since then, and in constant desire to improve, trying to maintain quality and attention to the smallest details of our patient’s needs, we have been increasing the services we offer.

Throughout these years, we have always maintained our philosophy of quality and personalized attention to our patients. Our motto is be true to yourself.We try to offer an exclusive treatment through our decoration, smells, pampering and personalized service so as to make you feel at home, removing the stress associated with a visit to the dentist.

We try to keep up with the latest techniques and innovations both nationally and internationally.

We firmly believe, that above all QUALITY is what we must try to offer and this requires hard work in order to achieve, which we are glad to do on a daily basis, so that are patients feel unique.

Because you’re the star!!

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