Sticky candies can play havoc with your kids teeth

Sugar has been identified by Oral Health experts as one of the main causes of cavities and tooth deterioration. Our natural bacterias in the mouth feed on sugary sweets and other foodstuffs and are converted into acid. This acid attacks tooth enamel and provoques its deterioration.

Tips to limit the effects of sugary sweets

  • Choose sweets that can be eaten quickly and easily to reduce the time the sugary sweets are in contact with your teeth.
  • Stay away from sticky sweets like gummy bears, caramels, chewables, sticky sweet popcorn and other sweets that cling to the teeth for longer periods
  • Limit the amount of acidic sweets consumed as these may contain acids (like citric acid) which itensifies the acidic taste. These acidities contribute to dental erosión and the formation of cavities.
  • Encourage your children to consume a small amount of sweets at one time and follow up with a glass of wáter or a good brushing of teeth.
  • Try and encourage your kids to eat a full meal before they go trickle treating, that way they are les likely to overi-indulge in sweets.
  • Consider the idea of buying non food ítems for those who visit your house, like colouring books, pen sor pencils.

Halloween is an ideal moment for parents to think about their children´s oral health, although frankly speaking this should be done all year round.Parents need to encourage good oral health habits , such as flossing, brushing at least twice a day and visiting the dentist on a regular basis. This way we can ensure that the sugary villains don´t remain.